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Project: The Roskill Development Initiative

Project: The Roskill Development Initiative

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Project: The Roskill Development Initiative

Fusion Health and Safety Consultancy has established a pivotal partnership with leading contractors to deliver health and safety support and guidance throughout the Roskill Development Initiative.


This urban renewal project is a cornerstone in revitalising the Mt Roskill area, a vibrant community situated in the southwest region of Auckland, New Zealand.

The Roskill Development initiative, led by Fusion, focuses on urban regeneration, emphasising infrastructure improvement and housing.


Fusion ensures safety protocols are followed meticulously, particularly in the introduction of a light rail corridor, enhancing connectivity and accessibility for Mt Roskill residents.


The project extends to multiple neighbourhoods, aiming to renew state-owned homes and enhance living conditions, with Fusion's safety guidance supporting sustainability goals.


Fusion's involvement represents an investment in Mt Roskill's future, fostering collaboration and adherence to safety standards for a thriving, inclusive community. This initiative aligns with Auckland's vision for integrated, safe, and sustainable urban growth, highlighting Fusion's pivotal role.


Project: The Loxley Takapuna Auckland

Fusion Health and Safety Consultancy has been instrumental in partnering with contractors to provide top-tier health and safety support and guidance throughout the lifecycle of "The Loxley," a landmark construction project in Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand.


This collaboration is set to redefine luxury urban living in one of the most desirable suburbs of Auckland.

Fusion Health and Safety Consultancy ensures top-notch safety and sustainability at "The Loxley," a premier living space in Takapuna.


The development boasts upscale residences built with Fusion's rigorous safety protocols and eco-friendly practices.


Residents can enjoy a secure environment with premium amenities like fitness centers and gardens. Fusion not only prioritizes safety but also contributes to the local economy and community development.


"The Loxley" sets a new standard for urban living in Auckland, showcasing Fusion's commitment to excellence in health and safety. Learn more about this innovative project at


Project: Te Na Noa

Fusion Health and Safety Consultancy is at the forefront of championing urban transformation, partnering with skilled contractors on the Te Hā Noa project, an integral part of Auckland Council's Midtown Regeneration program.


This project signifies a historic progression in urban design, reimagining Victoria Street as a dynamic and engaging urban space.

Te Hā Noa, aligned with Auckland's City Centre Masterplan, priorities public safety and accessibility.


Fusion Health and Safety Consultancy plays a critical role in ensuring safety from project initiation on Elliott Street to completion on Kitchener Street.


Scheduled to commence on April 11th, Te Hā Noa emphasises connectivity and green spaces, benefiting from Fusion's expertise in sustainable development and mitigating the urban heat island effect.


The project symbolises Auckland's commitment to inclusive growth, with Fusion ensuring construction aligns with placemaking principles.


Te Hā Noa promises a safe, inclusive future for Auckland's midtown, supported by Fusion's strategic safety measures. Learn more at Auckland Council's website.

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