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Tōtika: The Unified Health and Safety Pre-qualification System for New Zealand’s Construction Industry

Understanding Tōtika:

Tōtika is the standardised health and safety pre-qualification framework aimed at enhancing the procurement process within New Zealand’s construction industry by standardising pre-qualification requirements.


Benefits of Adopting Tōtika:

Embracing Tōtika translates into a one-time qualification process for suppliers, promoting efficiency and saving resources for everyone involved in the construction sector.


How Tōtika Elevates Industry Standards

Tōtika ensures that all contractors meet a set standard, uplifting health and safety benchmarks across the industry, and providing assurance of quality to clients.


Our Commitment to Your Tōtika Certification

We are dedicated to guiding you through the Tōtika certification process, providing ongoing support to maintain and enhance your safety standards.


Fusion Health and Safety Consultancy is committed to ensuring that their clients in the construction industry achieve Tōtika certification by implementing a comprehensive and structured approach:

How Long does it take to complete a Totika application?

The timeline for completing a Totika application varies based on the existing health and safety documentation within your organization. We kindly request that your business assigns a dedicated staff member to collaborate with our consultants in collecting the required documentation for your application. The consultant's assessment may include a site visit to evaluate your operations and conduct an audit of your current health and safety management systems. This comprehensive process is essential for ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of your Totika application. With our expert guidance and support, we can typically finalise the Totika application process within a span of 3 months.


Initial Health and Safety Assessment:

Fusion starts by conducting a thorough assessment of the client's current health and safety protocols. This evaluation serves as the foundation to understand how well the client aligns with Tōtika requirements and identifies areas that need improvement.


Targeted Gap Analysis:

Following the initial assessment, Fusion performs a gap analysis to determine specific areas that do not meet the Tōtika standards. This analysis helps in pinpointing the exact changes needed to comply with the prequalification system.


Custom-Tailored Health and Safety Solutions:

Using their industry expertise, Fusion develops bespoke strategies tailored to the unique needs of each client. These solutions aim to address the gaps identified and enhance overall health and safety practices.


Hands-On Implementation Support:

Fusion's team offers active support in integrating the new health and safety strategies into the client's daily operations. This ensures that the adoption of new practices is seamless and compliant with Tōtika standards.


Documentation and Compliance Review:

Fusion assists in preparing and organising all the necessary documentation that reflects the client's compliance with health and safety requirements. Proper documentation is crucial for the Tōtika assessment process.


Preparation for Tōtika Assessment:

Fusion provides mock assessments and detailed preparation to ensure clients are fully prepared for the official Tōtika evaluation. This preparation boosts confidence and ensures readiness for the assessment.


Ongoing Health and Safety Improvement:

Even after achieving Tōtika certification, Fusion continues to support the client's health and safety journey. They provide regular audits, training, and legislative updates to maintain and improve safety standards.


In summary, Fusion Health and Safety Consultancy offers a full spectrum of services designed to guide construction businesses through the entire Tōtika certification process, from initial assessment to post-certification improvements. Their expert guidance ensures that clients not only achieve Tōtika certification but also uphold the highest standards of health and safety on an ongoing basis.

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