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Our Customers Stories

Learn how construction companies around Aotearoa use Fusion Health & Safety to build stronger relationships with their workers and change the way they do health and safety.

Hamel Group

Fusion Safety's support was crucial in securing our SiteWise gold certification. They believed in our team, worked closely with our personnel to ensure our systems were in place, and provided invaluable support and guidance throughout the process. 

- Wade McKenzie (Director)

Little Scaffolding

Fusion Safety's support and expertise were pivotal in helping our company achieve Impac Prequal certification, guiding us through the process and ensuring our success. Their 24-hour free advice line and on-going support was outstanding.

- Wiremu Tahana (Director)

Wade Construction

Fusion Safety has been instrumental in guiding our company to attain Totika certification. Their thorough understanding of the requirements coupled with their proactive approach made the certification process seamless.  contracts.

- Paul Walters (Director)

Fusion Health Safety, Aukland, New Zealand
Fusion Health Safety, Aukland, New Zealand

With Fusion Safety, safety training is not boring. They get everyone involved with fun meetings and team activities. This way, everyone really gets what safety means and puts it into action. 

- Ian Yin (Director)

Warriors Construction

Fusion Health Safety, Aukland, New Zealand

Jason Morgan

Having Fusion Safety work with us has been a game-changer. They're not just consultants; they're part of the team who help us stay safe. They're always around, making sure safety is a big part of what we do every day.

- Jeremy Eves (Operations Manager)

Fusion Health Safety, Aukland, New Zealand


Whenever we need help, Fusion Safety is there with solid service. They're quick to respond and give us the help and information we need to keep our worksite safe all by ourselves.

- Mark Love (General Manager)

Fusion Health Safety, Aukland, New Zealand


Fusion Safety has truly transformed our approach to work for the better. Their guidance has instilled in us the importance of looking out for one another. As a result, everyone is now motivated to come to work alongside their colleagues.

- Julian Oxborough (Director)

Hamon Construction

Fusion Safety stands out in my years in building and construction. They do more than what's expected to keep us safe, spotting risks before they become problems and taking steps to prevent them. 

- Mike Hamon (Director)

Ayla Construction 

Working with Fusion Safety is easy. They make safety rules clear and simple for everyone. Our team gets it and follows it without any confusion, thanks to how Fusion Safety explains things.

- Johnathan Little (Director)

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