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Learn how construction companies around New Zealand use Fusion Health & Safety to build stronger relationships with their workers and change the way they do health and safety.



Magnificent, well-done Fusion Safety, our spirit of camaraderie is alive and well. Our teams are collaborating; my colleagues are providing each other with support and guidance; and new friendships are being formed.

Peter Halloway

General manager 2020

Tower Cranes

NZ Limited

Fusion Safety exceeded my expectations. 
I have engaged many health and safety professionals in my years of construction and it is rare to come by a team that goes above and beyond the requirements of the job.

Julian Oxborough

Director 2021

CLL Services

& Solutions

A great group of people. They communicated openly sharing their thoughts, opinions and ideas, encouraging our team into action, making our site a fun and exciting place to work. I would gladly engage them again.

Tina Mackay

National HS Manager 2020



Real creative consultants, a team making a big difference in construction safety culture. Consultants worked alongside our team and built a community of workers concentrating on trust and values.

Peter Halloway

General manager 2020



Fusion Safety is bringing cultural change to the construction Industry through collaboration, providing resources, recognition and team building, to encourage understanding, participation and support.

Mark Aldridge

General Manager 2020



When I think of Fusion Safety, I think of two things: Professional solutions and outstanding customer support when I need it.

Fusion were a rare find and Id recommend them to anyone.

Stuart Barrot

Operations Manager