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SiteWise Prequalification: Your Gateway to Enhanced Safety in New Zealand's Construction Sector

Understanding SiteWise: New Zealand's Health and Safety Benchmark for Construction Professionals

As a premier health and safety consultant based in New Zealand, our mission is to support construction industry professionals in achieving and maintaining SiteWise prequalification.


SiteWise, developed by Site Safe New Zealand, represents a commitment to health and safety excellence by evaluating and certifying the health and safety competencies of contractors and suppliers.


What is SiteWise?

SiteWise is an authoritative prequalification system that rigorously assesses a contractor's health and safety management systems against industry standards and legal necessities.


This systematic approach is pivotal for managing and mitigating health and safety risks on construction sites, thereby ensuring project integrity and worker safety.


The Importance of SiteWise Assessments

For contractors and suppliers aiming to collaborate with SiteWise-affiliated clients, undergoing a comprehensive SiteWise assessment is essential. This process includes a meticulous evaluation of health and safety documentation and methodologies.


A possible site visit and in-depth interviews with the contractor's team are conducted to gauge the practical application of their health and safety protocols.


Achieving SiteWise Certification

Securing SiteWise certification signifies a contractor's adherence to stringent health and safety standards. This not only showcases a contractor's dedication to creating a secure workplace but also reinforces compliance with health and safety legislation.

How Long does it take to complete a SiteWise application?

The timeline for completing a SiteWise application varies based on the existing health and safety documentation within your organisation. We kindly request that your business assigns a dedicated staff member to collaborate with our consultants in collecting the required documentation for your application. The consultant's assessment may include a site visit to evaluate your operations and conduct an audit of your current health and safety management systems. This comprehensive process is essential for ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of your SiteWise application. With our expert guidance and support, we can typically finalise the SiteWise application process within a span of 2 weeks.

Our Role in Your SiteWise Journey

We guide you through the SiteWise assessment, ensuring your documentation is precise, your processes are robust, and your team is well-prepared.


Our support continues beyond certification, with ongoing advice and updates on regulatory compliance to keep your safety standards at their peak.


Elevate Your Health and Safety Standards with SiteWise

SiteWise stands as a cornerstone in advancing health and safety within the New Zealand construction landscape, ensuring that participating contractors and suppliers are equipped to foster safe work environments.


Reach Out for Expert SiteWise Support

Connect with us to fortify your health and safety procedures and navigate the path to SiteWise prequalification with confidence. Embrace the highest standards of safety management with our specialised assistance.


Maximise Health and Safety Standards with Expert SiteWise Prequalification in New Zealand

Achieve SiteWise Prequalification with New Zealand's Leading Health and Safety Consultants


At Fusion Health and Safety Consultancy, we are the frontrunners in elevating health and safety practices within New Zealand's construction industry. Our adept team provides comprehensive support to navigate the SiteWise prequalification process, a benchmark for health and safety excellence on construction sites.


Our Specialised Process:

  • Initial Health and Safety Assessment: We conduct an exhaustive evaluation of your health and safety protocols to establish a robust foundation that aligns with SiteWise requirements.

  • Targeted Gap Analysis: Our analysis pinpoints specific areas needing enhancement to meet the stringent criteria set by SiteWise prequalification standards.

  • Custom-Tailored Health and Safety Solutions: Leveraging our industry expertise, we formulate bespoke strategies to upgrade your health and safety measures and documentation.

  • Hands-On Implementation Support: Fusion's team actively guides the integration of these strategies into your daily operations, ensuring seamless adoption and compliance.

  • Documentation and Compliance Review: We meticulously prepare and organise your health and safety documentation, aligning it with the SiteWise assessment's prerequisites.

  • Preparation for SiteWise Assessment: Our mock assessments and detailed preparations will bolster your confidence and readiness for the official SiteWise evaluation.

  • Ongoing Health and Safety Improvement: Post-prequalification, we continue to fortify your health and safety standards through regular audits, training, and updates on legislative changes.


Partner with Fusion Health and Safety Consultancy:

Embark on a straightforward journey to SiteWise prequalification with us. Embrace the pinnacle of health and safety standards for your construction projects in New Zealand.


Contact Fusion Health and Safety Consultancy now for unparalleled SiteWise prequalification support and ensure your construction business stands out for its commitment to safety and excellence.

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